self service car wash - Klean A Kar Kustom self service car wash
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self service car wash

self service car wash Detail Shop Columbus, OH
self service car wash

Self Service Car Wash –  3383 South High St Columbus, OH 43207

A $2 self service car wash at Klean a Kar Kustom is the best deal in Columbus.  Hot water, a foaming brush and all the things you need to get get your vehicle clean in a hurry.

We offer self-service car wash bays, so you can control how your vehicle wash. Klean a Kar Kustom makes it easy because  everything is clearly marked for you at the meter box.


$2 For Self Service Car Wash
Includes Simoniz Hot Wax
Includes Foaming brush
Hot water all year round!
5 Minutes (Add extra quarters for added time. Must be added before initial 5 minutes runs out.)
Machine accepts quarters or credit card. Change machine available.

You are in Control

You control your own experience because the wash is pay as you go. If you you are looking for a fast wash, you’ll be in and out in a few minutes for only a few bucks.  Or if you prefer to take your time, relax and take it slow.

self service car wash klean a kar kustom


Pre-soak is great for dealing with stubborn stains and dirt.

Foaming Brush

Nothing does a better job of putting your elbow grease to work than our self serve Foaming Brush

Low Pressure Tire Cleaner

Give extra attention to your tires with our special Low Pressure Tire Cleaner.

High Pressure Rinse

Remove the dirt and soap with a final high pressure rinse.

High Pressure Soap

Zap out dust, dirt and road grime by applying a high pressure soaping to your vehicle

Simoniz Hot Wax Clear Coat

Give your vehicle added shine with Simoniz Hot Wax Clear Coat. Always included at no extra charge.

Protectant Spot Free Rinse (Purified Water!)

Make a great car wash even better by avoiding annoying spots with spot free rinse.

Check out the best deal on self service car washes Columbus!

Self -Serv Car Wash:   3383 South High Street Columbus, OH 43207



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